Thursday, May 15, 2014

Who Says Hair Care Has To Be Whatever…. They Do

Isn't funny how often "they" gets blamed for things in life, isn't it? 

Well, "they" say you shouldn't use a brush on your wet hair so you never do 

"They" say you should have no problem washing your stick straight strands daily so you feel guilty whenever you don't lather up. 

Or "they" say doing styling with products loaded with alcohol is just dumb which is why you religiously read the labels of all styling products you buy.  

Some are even referring to the advice dispensed on websites like  or or one of the fashion magazines when quoting a long forgotten hair care resource.  Besides "they" gives us a convenient scape goat or someone else to blame for whatever ails our manes. 

So do they or don't they?  Follow their own advice that is.  And should you? 

Can we agree that maybe it's time to stop playing by your own rules when it comes to hair care?  Rules that have been influenced by "they" and instead get up to speed on what you really can do to have better looking hair.  Because sooner or later your hair care freelancing has to stop. 

Especially if you aren't seeing the results in the mirror?  Or worse are inflicting unseen damage to your strands you aren't even aware of.  So let's raise that level of awareness, shall we? 

Say You Shampoo - A Lot

Potential For Damage:  The idea behind shampoo is to cleanse your scalp.  Done too often you are removing the natural oils your hair needs to thrive and shine.  This can cause your scalp to go into oil production overdrive resulting in excessively oily hair.  It will be shiny alright.  Just not in a good way. 

Easy Fix: Two words: Dry shampoo.  See if once or twice a week you can't replace a lathering up session with dry shampoo.  These products have come a long way. You should be able to find one that does the trick and cleans up nicely.  Saving your hair from the curse of too much oil which can leave it flat, limp and lifeless rather than sweet and neat. 

Say You Toss and Turn All Night Long

Potential For Damage:  Believe it or not the damage to your hair from friction caused by tossing and turning against a cotton pillow case can mount up.  The result can be weakened, lackluster hair that is full of frizz.  And it is even worse if you go to bed with a wet head.

Easy Fix: First never go to bed with a wet head.  That just increases the odds you'll damage you strands.  If your hair is even the least bit damp tie it up in a messy bun or braid it.  Also invest in some satin pillowcases which will allow your hair to glide the night away. 

Say You Don't Condition As You Should

Potential For Damage:  As it does its job, the detergent in shampoo can dry your hair since detergents remove the natural oils as well as whatever disgusting crud has built up on your scalp.  Which is why it is a mistake not to drench those freshly laundered, yet somewhat dehydrated, strands in a good moisturizing conditioner each time you shampoo. Otherwise frizz or dry parched tresses await. 

Easy Fix:  The most common excuse given for skipping the conditioning step is fear of weighing down locks that are limp by nature. Understood.  In that case simply find one formulated for your hair type.  Not hard.  Then only apply it to the portion of your strands that need conditioning most - from the ears on down.  In other words treating the most porous, oldest, most damaged section of your hair with kindness.  Leaving the hair around your crown fully volumized. 

Say You Want To Grow Your Hair Long

Potential For Damage: Those split ends can sabotage your efforts to extend thing to Rapunzel-esque lengths.

Easy Fix:  So even though it may seem counterintuitive, you still want to follow through with your scheduled trims every three or four months to keep any split ends in check.  Because a simple split end left unchecked can start to run up the shaft taking with it your dreams of a longer mane.

Say You Wear Ponytails - Often (and who doesn't?)

Potential For Damage: The point where the elastic meets hair weakens the strand by stressing the cuticle with tiny fractures.  Which is why pulling your hair back into the exact same way each time risks damaging it. 

Easy Fix: Never use any kind of hair tie with metal in it.  And switch up the position.  From side pony to high pony to low pony day to day.  This way you are not putting the strands under stress in the same point every time.

Saving the best, or is that the worst for last...

Say You Color Your Hair

Potential For Damage: Coloring pretty much is no day at the beach for your hair.  Some damage is a given.  It's only that much worse if bleach is involved to take out your natural pigment as you realize your blonde ambitions. 

Easy Fix:  There is nothing you'd call an easy fix.  Only things you can do is try to contain the damage.  Weekly deep conditioner.  Not coloring any more often than you have to.  Using shampoo and conditioner designed for colored locks.  Those kinds of things can help your hair look its best despite the chemical assault. 

I have a friend who when we go out to eat always asks when the bill comes "What's the damage?"  That might not be a bad question to ask when it comes to our hair care routine too you know.  Daily wear and tear is hard enough on our strands.  But too many of us torch our hair on an almost daily basis.  So pondering any potential for damage, no matter what "they" say, would be a good next step to healthier locks.